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Wedding Services InfoYour guests will say... "WOW! BEST Wedding Reception EVER!!"

"HOW MUCH to stay LONGER?!" and "Where did you FIND this DJ??!! HE IS SO GOOD!!"

You've hired the photographer, the caterer, the decorator, and the florist... but who's going to bring it all together?

The LAST thing you need to be is STRESSED ON YOUR WEDDING DAY!! This is where we show our value! We take care of EVERYTHING! From the minute you arrive at your reception, we are lining everyone up for introductions and announcements, while going through everyone's names for accuracy and proper pronunciation. We use wireless mics for all of these events. We lead the food line dismissal, introduce the toast, announce cake cutting, direct your first dance and parent dances, bouquet and garter tosses, money/dollar dance, anniversary dance, and any other special dances (i.e. sorority/fraternity). You should NEVER have to worry and think "What's next? How long do we wait before doing the next thing?" Let US handle it. Your job should be to ARRIVE and ENJOY!! After all, you've hired US! You're in the BEST HANDS!!!

Friendly & professional service

With over fifteen (15) years of experience in performing for wedding ceremonies and receptions, our staff will help you build memories that will last a lifetime. Memories full of fun, laughing, dancing, and excitement. We will work with you to help you make your special day a huge success. We offer packages that will suit all your needs. From DJ services, monograms for floor or wall, Up Lighting for walls/columns, all the way to Pin spot lighting to enhance Focal Points, such as the cake table and head table. We bring the PA equipment, Microphones, Basic Dance Floor Lighting, Up Lighting (optional), DJ & MC, Legal Music Library, and provide you FREE Online Planning and free consultations within reasonable distance from our locations.

Weddings are our SPECIALTY, as we are your event's Wedding Reception Coordinator, Entertainment Director, DJ, and Master of Ceremonies.

A professional full-service DJ entertainment company will normally invest up to 20 hours in planning any SINGLE event with Meeting/ Bridal Consultations, music purchasing and editing, prep, setup and tear-down.

We make it a requirement to have a meeting with all our bridal clients to make sure that we are on the same page with your wants and needs regarding length of time needed, services needed, optional upgraded needs, and mainly that we are the right match for doing business together. We feel it is in the best interest of a bride to have a good relationship with someone as important as the DJ fulfilling this highly important job! If he doesn't have a welcoming, fun, and entertaining personality, then WHY HIRE HIM? This meeting is a FREE-NO COST TO YOU CONSULTION WITH NO PRESSURE TO BOOK!!

When was the last time you were actually SURPRISED at a reception? Can you remember the last reception you were at when NO ONE wanted to leave? Reception boredom is the #1 cause of guests leaving your wedding and not enjoying themselves. THE DJ is the success OR FAILURE at any and every Wedding Reception! They are there performing for you, your families, and your guests for sometimes up to 8 hours!! The CAKE lasts 30 minutes and prior to that is only a decoration. The MEAL is sometimes upward of $10,000 plus and lasts less than 1 hour. Your DJ is usually on average paid 1/10th of those total fees, but is the most important feature and vendor of the evening! When have you ever heard a guest from a wedding say, "WOW that was some really good Chicken at the wedding!!" They WILL however say that about your entertainment when it's clearly above average! Days and YEARS later

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