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Professional DJ performances you can DEPEND on, with over 15 years of experience and over 900 shows, more than 700 of those being WEDDINGS!! Originally started in October 2001, we started out with the biggestdreams, very little equipment, word of mouth advertising, and booking anything we could to prove that we had something to offer.

We have over 300,000 songs in our HUGE library!! From 50's and 60's, Disco 70's, Big Hair Band 80's, Totally Wild 90's, 2000's, 2010's, Alternative, Contemporary Christian, Adult Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Urban, Rap, Metal, Soft Rock, the Top 40 of Today, every Billboard HOT 100 list of songs from years 1957 through TODAY, and MUCH, MUCH, MORE !!!!

What is different from our services than the other DJs? We offer 100% DIGITAL music tracks, using computers to do our shows!! Some DJs use CDs, and you never know when one of those CDs will skip causing a terrible scene, or worse, skipping right in the middle of your wedding or FIRST DANCE, Ruining the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!! Won't happen with us. You can't skip a computer file!! 100% Quality ; 100% of the time. Regarding taking music requests, would you rather have a DJ fumble around with CDs trying to locate your request? Or ask us and get a reply within 10 SECONDS? Or play it immediately?!!! We can!! It's that quick...

What makes us different from the other DJs?? We do what YOU want, the way YOU want it. We take guest requests unless directed otherwise. We dress tosuit YOUR needs, casual or dress. At out discretion, we maintain the right to refuse the playing of any profanity or offensive music (pending senior citizens or smaller children are still in the room). This is done out of respect for you and your guests. We make it a policy to play all edited, NON-OFFENSIVE music, just as you would hear on the radio.

As you can see, we are the BEST in the area finishing up 2014 with over 55 events! We are this area's most requested DJ!! We LOVE doing what we do!!! With every event booked, we not only gain business, but we also gain friendships, and additional FAMILY! ~ smile ~