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How do your services differ from other DJ's in the area? How do you justify your rates as to the rates of other DJ's? 

We are VERY serious about your event when it comes to our performance, the impression your guests will have, making sure you and your guests have the BEST TIME POSSIBLE, and most importantly, NOT MISPRONOUNCING anyone's name!! If your name is Christian, we should never make the mistake that some DJs may make by pronouncing it Christy, Crissy, or anything OTHER than what you wish !! We are VERY PRECISE !! Most people want the best!! If that's most important to YOU, then budget shopping should NEVER be an issue. Obviously, you GET what you PAY for.

How do I plan my wedding events or pick songs?

We offer an ONLINE WEDDING PLANNER, which our clients can access 24/7 !! List all of your plans and create your VISION... This planner is only accessible to YOU via your personal password and by your DJ. The information you put into your planner is kept SAFELY and saved in SEVERAL different cities in the MIDWEST. Your information is backed up not only in our server, but also inseveral different server/backup locations !!

Why should we hire you?

Anyone can play music. A DJ should do more than simply play music. The DJ brings out the personality of the event. He or she adds to the atmosphere. He or she must be experienced enough toconstantly adjust throughout the event to assure everyone has a good time. Why me? Because of my years of experience, my personalized service, my attention to detail, my energy and enthusiasm, my extensive collection of the best party music of all time, and over 300,000 songs, and my ability to read a crowd and play what they respond to, making sure the party exceeds your expectations! Many, MANY times when booked for a certain length of time, we are paid to go PAST the booked time... whether it's from the bride and groom, their family, or EVEN THE GUESTS !!!

How does Sound Services DJ Entertainment operate? How do you typically perform your services?

Our standard way of performing is with TOP OF THE LINE professional equipment! We use computers to do our shows, which makes for a very pleasurable experience in song requests. When you or your guests request a song, we can push a few keys and tell you if we have it in less than 10 seconds!! Also computers are MORE RELIABLE than CDs which can skip right in the middle of your first dance and ruin the BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE !!!! You can't skip a PC file!! 100% quality, 100% of the time!

Does Sound Services DJ Entertainment take requests?

Absolutely! We play the music that you and your guests want to hear. Plus - we WON'T play the music you DON'T want to hear. If a guest requests a song you have asked NOT be played or may be inappropriate, we politely and non-offensively lead them to another song more appropriate for your event. This is done tactfully as not to involve you.

How is Sound Services DJ Entertainment better than a band?

There are many reasons! The music will never stop because we don't take breaks between sets. We can play a huge variety of music (just check out our library). All of the music sounds just like you hear it on the radio. We can play all of your requests (not just those that a hired band knows). We are more convenient and entertaining than a band.

How will Sound Services DJ's dress for my event?

We will dress anyway you like from casual to formal. Our standard dress for weddings and corporate events is a dress shirt, tie, dress slacks, dress shoes, and an occasional full back vest and cuff links, and a small name tag. Our goal is not to distract from the event by overshadowing the participants with flashyclothes. It is YOUR event - the focus should be on YOU! If you have any special requests regarding clothing, make sure to put that on your worksheet.

Will Sound Services show up early to set up for my event?

We always arrive early for every event to accommodate setup needs. DJing a reception, once your wedding begins, we strive to be completely set up by that time as to be able to change clothes and make final preparations during your ceremony. Once at your event location, we coordinate with photographers, videographers, caterers and event supervisors to make sure your event runs smoothly.

Who will control the volume at my event?

You will. We don't want to hurt anyone's hearing or offend anyone. Simply tell us if the volume is either too loud or too soft, and we will immediately adjust our sound system. For sound during meals, we keep the volume to a level that enables everyone to be able to carry on a conversation without raising their voices. Once the dancing begins, the volume is raised to a level appropriate for your eventlocation and group participation!

Does Sound Services DJ's use professional equipment?

All of our DJ equipment is professional and top-of-the-line in the DJ industry. We have a variety of equipment that is interchangeable so that we can adapt to any size location.

How many times will you announce the name of your company during our event?

Only occasionally while we are performing, and not very often at all. If people like us and want to use us or find out who we are, we understand that only a couple of times of announcing our name is appropriate. If they are wondering who we are, they will catch it in only a couple of announcements. We should never feel as to try to drill our name in your guests mind. Your event should not be looked at as an opportunity for us to advertise. We acquire more business by referrals through past bookings than we can handle. If you choose to recognize us in your event program or announcements, that is appreciated. However, we will not be a bother to your guests by constantly announcing our name.

Don't you put up a large Sound Services DJ Entertainment sign?

No. We don't even put up a small one. Not even a tiny one. Not even an itsy-bitsy, teeny-weenie . . . - okay - you get the picture. The only thing we put out are business cards, which are usually in a holder on our table or discretely at other convenient places.

How far is Sound Services DJ Entertainment willing to travel for an event?

We are willing to travel anywhere. In the past, we have provided DJ Services for events as far as the St. Louis, Missouri area and cover West Tennessee, Southern Illinois, Southern Indiana, and of course, Western Kentucky. We give you a travel allowance of up to 50 miles one way from Murray, KY, with NO TRAVEL FEE. Longer distances will require a per diem based on mileage. Contact me for more information! Google Maps used for mileage/distance determination.

Does Sound Services require a retainer fee and a signed contract?

Yes. We require a deposit / retainer fee / Booking Fee for all events. We will send you a contract and expect you to return it with your signature andretainer fee by mail, paid online, or by phone. Your date is not officially secure until your retainer fee and signed contract is in our office. However, we will not book another event on your day while your contract is being completed. If we do not receive your retainer fee and contract by your due date previously agreed on, we reserve the right to rebook the date without notice.

Is my retainer fee refundable? What about other payments?

No. Your retainer fee is non-refundable to protect us from lost bookings due to scheduling your event and blocking out your date from future searches, but it IS transferable to another open date for a future booking. See our company policies on refunds regarding all payments made after the deposit/retainer.